Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Off Colour

Jazzy J has not been a well cat. It's unusual for The Housekeeper to have anyone in the house requiring any form of nursing care, but the Jasper cat has definitely not been himself.

He was violently sick several times on Sunday evening and was bringing up liquid repeatedly rather than just dinner. He was also licking his lips excessively. There was nothing obvious to show what he might have eaten or drunk that had caused the problem, assuming it was food related, but by the time The Housekeeper went to bed on Sunday evening, he was looking very sorry for himself and exceptionally quiet. Jasper doesn't DO still or quiet.

With Mr Housekeeper having a 5am start on Monday morning, the whole house was awake but instead of getting under the duvet for a cuddle, Jazz was at the bottom of the bed, still looking very sorry for himself.

The Housekeeper settled herself on the settee with a large cuppa and a throw and within a couple of minutes a a very miserable looking Jasper came to join her and they snoozed for a couple of hours together. When it was time for The Housekeeper to start work, she left Jasper to the throw and that's where he stayed until approx 3pm that day.

Luckily by the evening, he was obviously feeling much more himself as he started to annoy Crystal and Dino again and today he is definitely back to being his cheeky self. Phew !


  1. Well, that's a relief! Poor Jasper! Do you use Phosphaluvet at such times? There's always a bottle handy here and if anyone shows any sign of throwing up, they get some.

  2. So wonderful abyssinians you have. I am also an abyssinian breeder. You can visit my blog: http://www.hakrilas.no/blogg/ I have 3 abyssinian cats, and I really love abyssinain!:)

    Have a nice evening!:)

    From Toril in Norway

  3. It sounds like Jasper ate something that did not agree with him! I lick my lips a lot when I am feeling nauseous, and I bet it was the same with him.