Saturday, 12 March 2011


It would be fair to say that Dino is a one kitten eating machine. He will willingly swap between all the cat's food dishes as The Housekeeper dishes up their dinners to ensure that he is eating from the fullest bowl at any given time. He's also the last to leave the bowls, long after the others have grazed and gone.

He has the ability to sit VERY close to The Housekeeper when she is eating and will willingly sit with his chin on the plate edge, given half the chance, smelling what might come his way later. The Housekeepers have a food policy that any treat tit-bits are saved to the side of the human plate and that if the cats have not begged for the food whilst they are eating, anything saved for them is fed to them once they have both finished eating. This saves any begging and ensures a stress free meal time for the humans.

Dino has also perfected a cat look that says "would I like that?"

Curiosity got the better of the cat today. The Housekeeper was standing in the hallway, next to the stair banisters with a banana in her hand when Dino appeared on the stairs and put his head through the gap in the banisters to ask "would I like that?"

Mr Housekeeper dislikes bananas intently. The housekeeper has to eat them quickly away from him and discard the skin before he can smell it in the house. She is sympathetic because, having a serious nut allergy, she cannot bear the smell of a peanut or peanut butter anywhere near her.

The look on Dino's little face as he sniffed the banana had both The Housekeeper's in stitches. He opened his mouth as if about to projectile vomit or dislodge a fur ball, shuddered and shook his head and walked away with a look of sheer disgust on his face.

The Housekeeper ate her banana in peace!

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