Friday, 18 March 2011

Yeee Haa! Arhhhhhh

Jasper's in trouble again ....

You know that blue check bag that was hanging on the back of the dining room door? Well, it had costume hats in it that had been returned from a hire - and The Housekeeper had put them out of cat reach in the bag.

However she didn't anticipate Jasper, the High Altitude Kitten. Having retrieved Jasper from the green and white plastic bag and from the top of the door, she assumed that all was well, until she came to take the bag to the storage unit and looked at the contents.

And Yes, It is definitely Jasper that's to blame, readers. The fur on the hat is fawn and the Crystal girl is just too laid back to contemplate such a misdemeanour. It's not so much The Cat in the Hat as The Cat who trashed the Hat. Remember the blog about Dino and the tricorn?!!!

Mr Housekeeper suggested that The Housekeeper should keep the hat and say that its a bullet hole in the crown ... Hmmmm


  1. Just came over from our friends at the Poupounette. You are all very handsome and pretty!

    purrs from California,
    9 and Chani

    P.S. The bullet hole scenario is purrrfect :)

  2. Oh my! Now that is some eater! We came over from the Poupounette as well!

  3. Me too!

    And I like the bullet story. Makes for a more dramatic explanation. Besides Jasper doesn't need all the extra publicity. Not good for the ego. Oversized ego is NOT good. NOT!

  4. Thank you #1, Tama, Sei, Bibi, Tommy & Vidock for your lovely mention on The Poupounette