Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Catnip Capers

A very rare shot of all four Abyssinian's together!

A parcel arrived from Napiers today. Napiers used to be called Culpepper. They used to have shops. Now it's just delivery. They sell anything and everything "herbal" teas, supplements, skincare etc.

In The Housekeeper's circle of friends, they are known as the "drug dealers". Napiers sell the most amazingly stinky strong catnip mice and fish toys. They are the strongest catnip that The Housekeeper has ever smelt - turning most cats to a dribbling gooey wreck within 10 minutes of playing with one. There then follows a long period of sleep (and with Parsnip this was then followed by a long period of grouchiness and withdrawal symptoms until he got his next fix!!!

Crystal wasn't very bothered about catnip when we first had her and neither of the girls have ever really shown interest in the catnip toys. So The Housekeeper decided to buy one each for the cats to see how the kittens, in particular, would play with them.

Needless to say, the boys took to them immediately and the girls didn't want to be outdone. Even Crystal was rolling round the floor like a loony - all Four Abyssinian Cats are now sprawled in different parts of the house and are all completely zonked!!!!!


  1. It looks like good times over at your place!!!

    We are not particularly keen on catnip but we do like the Japanese equivalent which is something called Matatabi!

    The Chans

  2. We just discovered your blog and we think you are just as cute as us main coons:)

    purrs JJ and Jinx

  3. Heh! Catnip is good. Ask my Clowder of furrballs. They'll tell you all about it.

    Love the pictures today. Well ..... love them everyday.

    Lisa and Roy,
    and the 6 Mouskateers:
    Buddy Bear
    Miss Princess

  4. I just recently discovered valerian. I am so-so about catnip, but the valerian really made me go nuts!

  5. The Housekeeper would like to say hello to Cheysuli, Gemini, Buddy, MikiCato, Miss Princess, Smokey, Tegar, Rowdy, JJ, Jinx, 9, Chani and Ororina who have all come to play with us recently. Hello also to all the owners who put their cats words and thoughts onto these pages