Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bubble Trouble

The Housekeeper has been a bit busy this week. A huge trunk of Aladdin costumes came back from hire recently and she decided to make the most of the good weather last Thursday and Friday doing 9 loads of washing. A friend came round today and they both spent the day mending seams, hems and re-elasticating in the conservatory. The four Abyssinians all lent a hand. Scissors, cotton bobbins and pin boxes are all VERY interesting to an Abyssinian, as is a sewing machine. Worryingly interesting!!!!!

Three of them managed to supervise whilst one helped by airer surfing on the remaining drying clothes, sitting in the crate of unchecked costumes and sitting in the trunk of finished ones. Thanks Jasper!

The Housekeeper suspects that Jasper may just also be responsible for the latest misdemeanour. She had a consignment of bubble wrap delivered on Friday and has yet to take the excess to her storage unit where the hire costumes are stored.

The result. Plastic wrapping everywhere .......


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