Thursday, 10 March 2011

Windy City

It's exceptionally windy where we live today and that means only one thing. MANIC ABYSSINIANS!!

The days started with the kittens in disgrace. There's been a small tear in the bedroom wallpaper for a few weeks now. It looked like it had been tweaked by a paw or a tooth. However this morning, when The Housekeeper woke up, there was a piece of wallpaper missing from the wall, approx 2 inches wide by 6 inches deep. We assume it had help being removed from the wall as the paper evidence was on the landing.

Everyone has been RUNNING at full steam today. Running round the house, in and out of the conservatory, in and out of the outhouse, up and down the stairs.

Then there's the yelling. Yelling at leaves being blown. Yelling at the other cats in the house as they are all running. Yelling at, well, everything - but nothing in particular, really.

The Housekeeper has retired to the workshop. Exhausted by all the activity around her!

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