Friday, 4 March 2011

Escaped Convicts

The Housekeeper had a big fright yesterday. A wide open conservatory door and all four cats outside.

Amber and Crystal know better than to go far and were stood on the patio outside the door and made a run back inside the house as soon as The Housekeeper spoke to them. Dino took a little more convincing and had to be followed and picked up and taken home.

And Jasper. Jasper was nowhere to be found. Not in the house. Not in the garden. He had decided to walk round the edge of the conservatory out of the side gate and was eyeing up the gap between the two garages.
Luckily a quiet upbeat word from The Housekeeper and he came scampering towards her and was picked up too.

Much relief.

But how did they get out?! The door does stick occasionally (you have to lift the handle up to lock the door, but The Housekeeper is absolutely convinced that the door was shut tight when she came in. And she still is, having now sat at the table and watched Dino leap at the door handle to try to repeat "his trick"

So now The Housekeeper will have to go through a routine of not only closing but locking the conservatory door every time she goes to the workshop.

To make matters worse - when The Housekeeper took the bags of post out of the workshop and went back to the house that afternoon, Amber put her paw into the open door and let Jasper run past her, between the post bags. The Housekeeper wasn't quite so lucky. It took a good 5 minutes to convince him to come out from behind the workshop.

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  1. #1 says she feels for you! Are you aware that my nickname is "HouBibi"? That does rather say it all doesn't it....?