Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Caption Challenge

The Housekeepers thought that Crystal's expression was worthy of a caption.

Crystal thought that it should be a Caption Competition and that first prize should be Jasper and second prize should be Dino. The Housekeeper wasn't so sure. Somehow I don't think anyone would take them, even for free, after reading some of these entries !!!!!!!!!!!!

So... over to you..... What is she saying?!


  1. NOW you can light the fuse. Quick!

  2. Uh...dude! Dude! I think I hear the coppers - flush it, quick!

  3. Yes, YES, we want to take part and we ant to win first AND secnod prize!!!!

    "Mummy, it's simply not fair. He keeps stealing my mouse and you just sit there and laugh. I shall have to take measures!"

    Bibi-Chan (in desperate need of playmates!)