Monday, 14 March 2011

High Altitude Abyssinian

There are days in this life when, if you didn't see something happen with your own eyes, you wouldn't  believe they were possible. Or if someone told you that it had happened you'd think they'd just made it up for a good blog entry...

The Housekeeper was sat at the dining room table about 20 minutes ago working on the laptop and chatting on MSN when Jasper came up for a cuddle and a head butt. He then turned round and got climbed onto the back of the dining room chair to her left with all four paws in a row, nearest the open door and made a diagonal leap to the top of the dining room door.

The door currently has an "over door hanger" on it and hanging from it are several costumes waiting to be mended and a couple of returned hires which have been hung, in their bags, out of Abyssinian reach.

The Housekeeper's only thought process was whatever you do Jasper, don't try to get in the bags

So what happens?.....

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