Thursday, 16 June 2011


The Housekeeper took Amber to the vets this morning for a check up. Sadly, her ear isn't any better. It hasn't dried up as quickly as previous occasions, she is still scratching it and still looks very, very sore.

So, as promised, the vet has now fitted Amber with a collar. He hasn't started on any further treatment at the moment to stop the patches reoccuring, as he wants to get her ear looking less sore and give the skin chance to heal. Sounds sensible, however this does mean yet another consultation fee each time we visit.

The Housekeeper made a point of taking Amber out of her box and holding on to her for a while to have a cuddle and try to settle her down a little, but inevitably, she wriggled free and shot off round the house at an alarming pace, before settling herself in the conservatory.

The other Abyssinians are wary, and Jasper had the hugest fox brush tail That The Housekeeper has ever seen when Amber went running round the house with the collar on. The four of them are now all in the conservatory as The Housekeeper is writing this. They are all chirping to each other, deep in Abyssinian conversation, from which The Housekeeper is excluded. Jasper seems to be leading the conversation.

The Housekeeper has shut all unnecessary doors to rooms, to reduce the running space.

So now we continue the regime of two anti-robe capsules a day as well as cream twice a day and taking the collar off for eating and drinking. It's going to be a long week ahead. Thankfully Mr Housekeeper is home from Germany this evening from a work trip and will be able to help.

Amber has been collared before. An hour after she was home from being spayed, she had pulled all her stitches out and The Housekeeper's had a 40 minute journey to an out of hours emergency vet to get her re-stitched and collared. She spent much of the first day tracking backwards, to it will be interesting to be how she gets on and how long it takes her, or the other Abyssinians, to try to get it off her.

The Housekeeper is feeling very sorry for her. Poor girl.


  1. Oh Poor Amber! We are sending huge purrs of sympathy. Now be good and let your ear get better quickly. PLEASE?

    Purrs,The Chans

  2. Poor Amber. That does not sound like any fun at all!

  3. Amber sounds like she is a fussy patient. I feel bad that she is stuck with that e-collar and I hope that ear starts healing fast!

  4. Poor precious girl. I'm sure she's just completely uncomfortable in every way. Luckily she has a good mommy and daddy to help her heal. Good luck with it.