Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Comforting Cuddles

Its been a long week full of lots of cuddles.

Amber is very miserable still and hanging her head a lot when she is wearing the collar, partly weight and partly low self esteem, we guess.

Its been amazing watching her fathom out how best to get the collar around the dried food bowl and water bowl to eat with it on. The Housekeepers are so relieved that she can eat with it on that we they have cut her "collar" breaks to one a day at the moment. This gives her long enough for a good wash, give her neck a break from the collar and to feed freely.

Unfortunately when she does scratch off her scabs, it results in her shaking her head and a bloody spray across whatever is closest. Luckily,  its only been the inside of a laundry bag, commandeered cat tunnel that has borne the brunt of the mess when she scratches and then shakes her head. The Housekeeper is still very concerned that it is taking so long this time for the wound to heal and start to repair.

Whilst The Housekeeper does not want an unhappy, subdued Abyssinian on her hands for very long, she has very much enjoyed the cuddles from Amber, both sitting in the chair after her collar breaks and also at night. Last night, The Housekeeper dozed off to sleep with Jasper behind her head on the pillow and Amber in her arms with The Housekeepers dressing gown cuddled round her and small soft Amber purrs to lull The Housekeeper to sleep. It's not all bad!


  1. Oh Amber, we hope that you can get better and get that off soon!

  2. Poor lil' gal, we hope her face heals up quickly and the Dreaded Collar disappears. Did the vet ever get to the bottom of her skin problem?

  3. Poor Amber. I am sending more purrs her way!