Friday, 10 June 2011

The Quick Brown Fox

Amber is as wily as a fox, especially when it comes to the day after a vet visit and the necessary administration of tablets.

She came up to bed last night, once The Housekeeper was settled and had a really lovely "cuddle", standing on The Housekeeper to be stroked and have headbutts. She even came at first call for breakfast this morning.

Yet - as soon as The Housekeepers were are anywhere NEAR each other, and there was the vague hint that she might be picked up for a quick popping of pills, hey presto, NO AMBER! Boy, can she move! As soon as Mr Housekeeper had left the house this morning and Amber was winding round The Housekeeper's legs, knowing full well that The Housekeeper wouldn't be likely to attempt solo pill popping! Little Minx!

Whilst these are tablets which The Housekeeper could mix into food, it's a little bit difficult to sort of the logistics to feed Amber separately from those boys so Amber has a stay of pill execution until Mr Housekeeper returns!


  1. Little Minx indeed! There isn't anything soft and sticky that she finds irresistible and you could hide the pill in? Vache-Qui-Rit cheese works for my lot.

  2. I am so proud. I love a cat who gets out of being pilled...