Thursday, 2 June 2011

Clothes Airer Surfing 2

Jasper's been at it again. This time however it wasnt just for the sake of climbing the clothes airer, he was trying to reach the curly ribbon on the end of some helium balloons!

The Housekeeper wonders if Jasper will ever grow out of airer surfing and is resigned to having to buy a new clothes airer at some point as this one is now slightly bent due to a certain fawn Abyssinian's weight.
This is a four tier airer which is approx 6 foot high and Jasper was above head height in these pictures.


Just to prove that The Housekeepers do use the camera for something other that cat photographs, here's a picture of the sky, looking up the road from the house last night!


  1. Hey Jasper! #1 told us about those super-balloons. If I was there, I would be trying to get at them too!

    The Beebs

  2. I like that as a place to climb. I think my humans need one

  3. I think the clothes airer makes a great cat toy!