Thursday, 30 June 2011

We're Off!

The Housekeeper's are off on holiday this afternoon, heading out of the UK (civil servant strike at the channel tunnel permitting) and are off through France, heading for the Black Forest in Germany for a week in Ralph!, who is The Housekeeper's MGB Roadster. Ralph is older than The Housekeeper! There's actually another 10 cars going on the trip too so we shall be in good company for the week.

The Housekeeper's took Amber to the vets this morning for her check up and he is very very pleased with her progress. He is however concerned that Amber might be stressed about The Housekeepers being away and so has suggested that her collar remain in place until they return. Its upsetting for us but we know its the best solution, really.

The Four Abyssinians are being left at home in the very capable hands of The Housekeeper's parents whilst they are away so you can be sure that there will be plenty of Abyssinian antics to fill you in on when we return.

Everyone has been "helping" with the packing (not that you can fit much in the boot of an MG) and Jasper has been doing his best to go on a road trip too.

We look forward to catching up with you on our return. We've had so little time in the last couple of weeks to visit everyones blogs and we hope that everything will be ok with you all whilst we are away.