Thursday, 9 June 2011

Weary Thursday

It's been a few days since we have posted. The Housekeeper has had a lurgy. Some sort of flu-virus we think but it grounded her for a couple of days and she has struggled to get through the days, keeping pace with the sales packing, let alone think about blogging.

She's still very weary and has a huge backlog of work to do as she is now knee deep sourcing and adapting costumes for a Eurovision Song Contest spoof show called Eurovisual 2 and has 130 costumes to prepare for 23 people, so we apologise that she is a little preoccupied.

The Four Abyssinians have been keeping up the "lick and cuddle" rotor to ensure she is looked after

Amber's ear took another turn for the worse yesterday. The heat had obviously been getting to her and she had been scratching her ear so much that she had made it bleed, so The Housekeeper took her to the vets this afternoon for another course of anti robe tablets and an anti-inflammatory injection to get it under control, and then its back to the vets next Thursday so see what else we can do to help the poor little girl.