Monday, 13 June 2011

Time Out

The Housekeeper has been away over the weekend to a family wedding in North Wales and left Mr Housekeeper in charge for three days. Mr Housekeeper still has his sanity! Just!

He, very bravely, decided to try to pill Amber on his own on Saturday. He succeeded, but only after she has accidentally sunk her teeth into him, as she turned to squirm out of his arms and the pill was spat out. Oops. Don't think he'll be trying that one again.

Amber is now doing her level best to avoid the humans at all costs but didn't reckon on The Housekeeper shutting herself and Amber in the conservatory and waiting for Amber to be within reach to pick her up and get a tablet down her. Her ear has now scabbed over, so isn't red raw any more but is still quite nasty looking.

The boys have been making up for lost cuddles with The Housekeeper, however being a self-confessed teapot, she wasn't very happy this afternoon when both boys decided to help themselves to her mug of tea!!!!

Mr Housekeeper is now off to Germany for the rest of the week, so The Housekeeper is looking forward to the extra cuddles but not to Crystal's miserable cat face whilst her "daddy" is missing.

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  1. Your four need to stage a purrotest to get your Humans to stay at home where they belong!