Tuesday, 28 June 2011


It's been one incredibly hot day, here in the UK, the hottest The Four Abysinians have known and none of them have coped very well.

Both Jasper and Dino looked very miserable today. Jasper was found belly up in his hammock, whereas Dino was just flopping anywhere and everywhere at any given opportunity. Amber, is of course, still under the influence of a collar which can't be much fun in this heat, but it was Crystal who fared the worst.

The Housekeeper turned on the ceiling fan in the conservatory to gave the cats some moving air but forgot that Crystal can't stand the damm thing, so she came into the house to find the boys laying under it, getting their fur ruffled and the muffled wail of the Crystal girl who had taken refuge under the settee in the front room and stayed there most of the day.

Amber's ear, now looks amazing. The Housekeeper let he have a short supervised collar break yesterday in the bathroom and helped Amber have a good spruce up as her head is getting very matted from the cream and drops. As a thank you, Amber slept on the Housekeeper's chest, ALL NIGHT, last night. A wonderful thing. In the nicest possible way, The Housekeeper is hoping that the same won't happen tonight as it is 24 degrees still and very sticky


  1. Now that's a belleh that wants to be snorgled!

  2. Scorchio!
    Oh, how I miss The Fast Show. That was, quite possibly, the most brilliant show ever.

    Bono estente...Boutros Boutros-Ghali

  3. It was very hot here to yesterday and although we had thunderstorms overnight, it looks like it's going to be another scorcher today. Fans are good as are cool tile floors!

    The Chans