Friday, 17 June 2011

Loooong Day

Amber has been very out of sorts. Completely understandable of course but she just doesn't seem to have any Abyssinian fight in her since her collar was put on. Poor little girl.

She slept in the middle of the bed between The Housekeepers last night and didn't move, all night.

Today she has been very subdued. The Housekeeper gave her three collar breaks of about an hour to give her time to have a wash and have some food and a drink. She has been contained in the conservatory with food and water and then removing the collar, as The Housekeeper knew full well that if she gave her the run of the house without the collar on, that she would disappear behind a bed and stay there! She has been sticking to the one room pretty much anyway, with the exception of litter tray visits as its obviously more comfortable to stay in one place and not get caught on anything.

She has also been as good as gold about The Housekeeper putting her collar back on each time and hasn't struggled once today. She lays across The Housekeeper's knees whilst it is retied. Giving tablets has also been far easier as she cannot swing her head away and spit out the pill with the collar on. Tonight, The Housekeeper has seen her drink water from her bowl with the collar on, which is good as The Housekeeper was worried about her getting dehydrated with limited collar-free time.

The other Abyssinians Have been looking out for her too. The Housekeeper isn't sure whether it was Dino who climbed onto the chair with Amber, or the other way round, but they seem to be quite companionable together.

The picture above shows what Amber's ear looks like today, the following picture was taken in August 2010 and this is what we are trying to avoid happening with the collar in place as it seems to spread and turn very sore, very quickly once she scratches it...... It's heartbreaking.


  1. Poor Amber - I think I too would be very subdued if I had to wear that e-collar. I hope her ear heals very soon so she can get back to being her usual Aby self!

  2. Oh I would hate wearing that too but I can see why she has to!

  3. The Mouskateers all hope she heals quick and can get that danged collar off. No kitty should have to go through that misey, but then it's that or the scratching and more bad sores that will NOT heal.

    Purrs and Head butts from all at Five Oaks Manor.

  4. Poor little Amber. She does sound rather down in the dumps. Let's hope the collar does the trick and won't have to be used for too long.

    Big Purrs,
    The Chans