Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Check Up ...

... from the neck up!

The Housekeeper took Amber back to the vets this morning. The Housekeeper was second in line to be seen and was greeted cheerfully by the vet with "so how's my OTHER problem patient, then?!" Oh Dear!

He is very pleased with the way Amber's ear is starting to heal now, so pleased in fact, that he is going to let her wear her fashion accessory for another whole week AND she has another week of anti-robe antibiotic capsules to take.

So it's back we go again, next Thursday morning for another check up.

Everyone else in the Abyssinian household is fine and still being good and very protective of Amber, most of the time, although The Housekeeper did catch Dino "spook" her earlier when she couldn't see him walking up to her. Poor little mite leapt a foot in the air and landed with a very unceremonious clatter on the floor.

The Housekeeper is still cashing in on the lovely Amber cuddles, especially at 6am, in bed under the duvet, when Mr Housekeeper has left for work early and The Housekeeper has had to wake up to wake Amber up so that they can give her, her morning pill before he sets off for the day.

Does anyone have any tips on giving a cat a pill on your own, without help? The Housekeeper has seen the poem/saga of "giving a cat a pill" online several times and it definitely applies in this house. How anyone who lives on their own manages with tablets, we dread to think!


  1. We are glad she got good news! YEAH.

  2. I tend to use the French soft cheese, Vache-qui-Rit which all my Abys love, and just stick a pill (or half) in a little helping. It's sticky enough that if they like the cheese enough, they can't get rid of the pill.


  3. I've always coated the pill with butter, and then shoved it pretty far back; it slides right down. Of course, I also have to wrap the cat up in a towel or I end up with a lovely collection of battle scars!

  4. My human does not have that big a problem pilling me. But if she did, she would try what #1 does... or wrap me up, burrito-style in a towel so I couldn't squirm and flail around too much!