Thursday, 14 July 2011

Back to Business

Yup, The Housekeeper's made it through France and Germany and home again and now its back to blog business as usual. All Four Abyssinians were impeccably behaved whilst being looked after by the "Grandparents" and, unusually, there are absolutely NO accidents, incidents or stories to report. Well, not cat related anyway!

The exhaust fell off the car - the bracket sheered but it was fixed within 24 hours and the 6 small candles on the metal candelabra in the conservatory melted in the unusually high British summer temperatures into a pool of molten wax - on the carpet. The Housekeeper isn't too pleased with that one.

Amber is now collar free after two days of selective collar wearing and is like a new cat. Perhaps we shouldn't type too soon, but she has been very cuddly with The Housekeeper and both Housekeepers are keeping a very close eye on her to tell her off if she starts scratching again.

Needless to say, next to no sleep was had by either of The Housekeepers when they returned home from holiday. No one sulked. Everyone came straight up for cuddles and didn't leave either of the humans alone for even 5 seconds for fear of them going out again.

The Housekeeper is slowly catching up on everyone else's news, in between work and the holiday washing.


  1. Glad to have you back! Lots of excitement at this end with the arrival of our brother GENJI, a blue boy!

    The Chans

  2. Paws crossed that Amber keeps her back claws sheathed and free from scratching!