Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Thank You

Amber would like to take the opportunity to say hello and Thank You, for all the lovely messages of support to both her and The Housekeeper whilst she wasn't feeling too great with that damm scratchy ear.

Life is SOOO much better without the horrid collar to have to contend with and she can now sneak behind the back of the bed at night, as well as headbutt The Housekeeper without taking a chunk of skin out of her neck every night with the edge of the collar.

She is a very happy and content young lady at the moment but if anyone should even dare to mention the words "collar" or "VET" she wont apologise for her actions :-)


  1. Miss Amber, we are sooo happy That Which Must Remain Unmentioned is GONE!

  2. Paws up, Amber! Death to all ecollars!