Thursday, 28 July 2011


The Housekeeper, it has to be said, is getting more than a little tardy when it comes to blog entries these days! She is sorry, it isn't intentional. She is currently on stage again in another show, based on the Eurovision Song Contest and is representing Latvia as a Pirate, Norway as a Dwarf and Israel as a Polar Bear. DONT ASK!!!!

The Four Abyssinians are in their element as a) playmate James is back to stay with us again. He is the 16 year old son of The Housekeeper's school friend from "Home" and is helping backstage with the show.

The other positive is that The Housekeeper isn't working this week so there has been lots of time to both snuggle and play together.

The only down side appears to be The Housekeepers inability to get out of bed in the morning or getting her to respond to the numerous licks and snuggles to get breakfast on the go as she is up late and wide awake because she has been performing and is still on an adrenalin high.

We four are working on this ......

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