Friday, 22 July 2011

Fawn Friday

Not to be outdone by Dino last Sorrel Sunday .....

and, yes, The Housekeeper does have to own up that she did balance Jasper's tail on his paw for him, but it did stay there for quite some time!!

Its been quite a Friday for Jasper. The Housekeeper had a mate round for coffee this morning and Jasper decided to make him welcome by laying on his side next to Andy's motorbike boots and cuddling his ankle whilst chewing the boot laces.

Fawn Friday was brought to you today by Jasper
Pictures taken Wednesday 20th July 2011


  1. After such an exhilarating time cuddling and chewing, we don't blame Jasper one bit for his...erm...uninhibited nap!

  2. You mancats - not an OUNCE of modesty!