Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bear With Us

We are SO embarrassed, but The Katnip Lounge did ask, so here she is .... The less purred, the better.

The Four Abyssinians, on the other paw, have had an interesting day with no less than two different Hotpoint engineers visiting to fix both the cooker and the washing machine. The former is awaiting a new thermostat and Mr Hotpoint 1, will be back next Tuesday. The later has been condemned as terminal by Mr Hotpoint 2. We assume that this is due to the financial constraints and 2 hours needed to change the drum as the bearings have gone and not JUST because Jasper tried to trip him up? Oops!

The Housekeeper has been out this evening staring at different models of washing machines, trying to make her mind up on which one to buy. This also means that we are sharing the conservatory with the remains of the show costumes that didn't make it through the washing machine before it waved the white flag.

So now its back to the daily grind for The Housekeeper in the workshop which means more cuddle and play time for us and more blog time for you!

The four are not coping well with the excessive heat at the moment and are looking very sorry for themselves at the moment. They have even dared to sit near the conservatory fan in an effort to keep cool.
Desert cats indeed !!!!


  1. Well the most important thing in all of this is to stay cool!

  2. Ugh - I wish it would cool down for you guys! This summer has been so brutal!

  3. OH YES!!!
    The picture has made our day!

    We all disappear into the house (and the a/c) when it gets above 105 or much for genetics, hello spoiled pillow denters!