Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Litter Louts

The Housekeeper despairs of the Four Abyssinians sometimes. She spent a good 15 to 20 minutes yesterday morning clearing out the litter trays, cleaning them, putting new litter in (we use a clumping clay litter) and sweeping the floor of the outhouse where the trays are.

This morning, there's litter all over the floor again.

It seems to be that there is a fine line between not enough litter in the tray which leads to a gooey sticky mess and and extra cleaning of the trays themselves, whereas a deeper tray of litter means that the deposits are far easier to scoop but the surrounding areas to the trays are awash with litter where the cats have been digging for Australia!

The Housekeeper is very, very happy with the litter that she uses, as are the cats, but it's SO messy!

If The Housekeeper's had more than one toilet in the house, they might have considered a litter-quitter, but it just doesn't seem like the right thing to do when their are visitors coming to stay and having to have to remember to leave the bathroom door open at all times and the loo seat up!!!!!!

What kind of litter do you use?
Do you have open trays or the enclosed trays with a cat flap on them?
Are the enclosed trays more difficult to keep clean?
Do they stop mess on the floor of where they are kept?

Answers on a postcard (blog comment) !!


  1. We use the breeze. It is not my favorite but the Male likes it because there is so little smell and not much dust either!

  2. We don't use enclosed litter boxes - my human thinks it would be like humans being forced to use a stinky outhouse all the time (and she is right). Binga is a litter flinger - the best thing to do with cats like that is to get a litter box with very high sides. Then the only way they can fling litter is through the front where they come in. And you can put a mat there.

    But then, Abys are a little more, uh, "creative" than the average cat, so who knows what they might cook up?