Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ears and Tails

The Housekeeper has been somewhat busy over the last few days. Understatement!

It's World Book Day in the UK on Thursday 3rd March and as one of the primary sales lines in The Housekeeper's company is children's costumes, she's been inundated with orders as all children in the UK go to school dressed as a book character on World Book Day.

One of the best sellers this year has been some brand new sets of animal "Ears and Tails" from her supplier in Cat, Dog, Fox, Mouse, Rabbit and Tiger.

Sadly, the Abyssinians would like to point out, the sale of Fox Ears and Tails is on a ratio of 6:1 to both Cat and Tiger. They feel that this is wrong, somehow.

They feel that it is even more wrong for The Housekeeper to be threatening to don a pair of Ears and a Tail for World Book Day itself.

Humans. Tsk.  

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