Friday, 1 April 2011

Worst Mum in the World Award

.. goes to The Housekeeper this week, I'm afraid. The Housekeeper isn't proud of herself at all and is almost too ashamed to type this entry, but feels that it isn't right to just post about the good and silly things that happen and also it serves as a warning to just how quickly things can turn from good to bad.

After sewing on Tuesday, The housekeeper had tidied up and put everything away - or so she thought. She always hoovers after sewing in case there are dressmaking pins on the floor for little paws, or big feet, to stand on - but she remembered after the incident, that she had put down something in a hurry and gone to answer the telephone and left the offending object out in full reach of all four cats.

Late on Wednesday morning, The Housekeeper saw Crystal sitting on the conservatory, shaking her head and rubbing the side of her mouth with her paw. She was also dribbling a lot and whilst not foaming at the mouth, as such, something obviously wasn't right.

The Housekeeper caught Crystal in the kitchen and after a struggle, she got away, leaving The Housekeeper with some beautiful scratch marks on her wrists which look like human suicide attempts (Not far wrong when she realised what the problem was later)

Crystal sat in the front room, still pawing at her mouth, so a couple of minutes later, The Housekeeper managed to catch her again and settle her between her legs so that she could try to check what was in Crystal's mouth. It was a sewing needle, with a piece of thread attached that was approx 6/7 inches long and which had already been swallowed. Very, VERY gently, The Housekeeper managed to withdraw the length of cotton from a very frightened little cat and then held her tightly in her arms for a good 10 minutes and had a damm good cry.

It just goes to show just how easy it is for an animal to pick up something so innocent looking to them, to play with, which could cause untold damage. The Housekeeper is feeling very relieved that she was there to deal with the situation at the time it happened, but of course it should never have happened in the first place.


  1. #1 almost burst into tears reading this! What a terrible thing to have happen and she can imagine the feeling of guilt that goes with it. But, accidents do happen, so please concentrate on the fact that you did manage to catch Crystal and relieve her of her "prize" in good time. That is the only thing that counts.

    Lots of purrs and hugs from all of us at
    The Poupounette

  2. We are glad that Crystal is going to be okay. That would have given our human a heart attack. One time someone grabbed a piece of floss that wasn't buried in the trash in the bathroom and much the same thing happened...

  3. I am sure your human feels AWFUL! When my human was a teenager, something similar happened with her cat she had then. The kitty was okay, but my human will never forget how terrible she felt. I am sure it will never happen again at your house (or mine!)