Thursday, 21 April 2011

Opening Night

As well as running her own business, The Housekeeper also regularly performs on stage and tonight is opening night for her current production of Beauty and the Beast, where she is playing Madame de la Grande Bouche (The Wardrobe). Amusing for someone who is Wardrobe Mistress by trade!

So apologies if the blog entries are a little sparse, or non existent. She will probably be either on stage, or at the chiropractors having her back manipulated after dancing in a costume that weighs 18lbs for the next couple of weeks.

The four Abyssinians are currently all in their element. We have a friend's son staying for the duration of the show, so that he can work backstage for some theatre work experience and he is spending hours every day playing with the cats. They are all exhausted but sitting on the stairs every morning waiting for him to get up and continue the games!


  1. It sounds like the friend's son is also getting important training as a cat assistant!

    We cats are smart - we would never go dancing around in a heavy costume!