Monday, 2 May 2011

Cat-ch Up

So how are we all doing? Well ...

Crystal is her usual laid back fawn self. Nothing new.

Amber had another trip to the vet last Wednesday for a 6 week long acting steroid injection. Her ear has cleared up beautifully and the patches on her tummy are far less red and angry now. She has been a little indignant about all the visitors getting involved in pill-popping to get her anti-robe tablets down her over the last week but at least she is getting better.

Jasper and Dino are exhausted after having two weeks on non stop games and attention from James (16) and a weekend of attention from Hannah (6). The Housekeeper was woken up on Sunday morning to the shrill voice of a six year old saying "play with me Jasper, fetch the ball Jasper, come here Jasper. I'm playing with Dino now, Jasper. Stop licking me, Jasper" !!!!

Jasper, it has to be said, was incredibly good natured. Especially about being picked up and carried around like a rag doll. They both appear to be missing their house guest playmates and are now attention seeking BIG TIME with The Housekeepers.

The Housekeeper had a very successful show run for Beauty & the Beast and was gobsmacked to find Sir Tim Rice in the audience on the last night of the show. A truly magical end to a wonderful two weeks. She had a very lazy day yesterday looking after her aching bones from carrying around 18lbs of costume twice a day and is now catching up with work, ready for the week ahead.

So how are all of you doing?????


  1. We are quite glad to hear you all doing so well.

  2. Congrats on the show's success! We have been missing our Aby friends and their wonderful antics. Photos please!

    The Chans