Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Printer Problems

The Housekeeper is having problems today with her printer, the one she uses for the business. Its stopped working part way through printing a stack of invoices and dispatch notes. After trying all the usual remedies i.e. rebooting the laptop, rebooting the printer, cleaning the printer cable heads, adding more paper to the tray and turning it off and on again!, she has finally given up and got the spare colour printer out of the workshop, which of course, has barely any ink left in it. Joy!

Looks like its a trip to the suppliers this afternoon for a new printer then - and having looked online, none of the new monochrome printers take the same printer cartridge that The Housekeeper has in stock for the monochrome printer. Deep joy!

In frustration, she posted on her Facebook page that it has stopped working and her friend Katy sent her the above link, which of course just meant that The Housekeeper sat in absolute hysterics and forgot completely about the printer issues.

Enjoy - as long as you are not easily offended!
The YouTube user, Chris Cohen has posted a whole host of different cat vs clips on the same site


  1. Wow! Someone does not like that printer at all. Good luck to your person getting that new printer!