Monday, 30 May 2011

Playing Up

The Housekeepers both went out last night to an evening wedding reception and left the Four Abyssinians home alone. They had obviously all been fast asleep most of the night as they were very bleary eyed when The Housekeeper put the key in the door at midnight.

The Housekeepers settled down to go to sleep and that's when the "FUN" started!

Crystal climbed into her usual spot by Mr Housekeeper and started to purr them both to sleep and Amber decided it was time for a cuddle and stood on The Housekeeper whilst she headbutted her and nuzzled.

Dino ran up and down the stairs. Sorry. No. Dino THUNDERED up and down the stairs and did circuits of the bedroom.

And Jasper!

Jasper pulled rubbish out of the bin.
Jasper started to chew the bottom of the Dry Cleaning bags containing The Housekeeper's posh frocks
Jasper stole the brushes from The Housekeeper's make up pouch and ran off down the stairs with them.
Jasper bounced on the bed

Mr Housekeeper managed to sleep through most of this after several beers at the wedding.
The Housekeeper got out of bed AGAIN! and Jasper got shut out of the bedroom!

This then meant that Dino wailed at the top of his cat voice at the door for it to be opened again and headbutted the door continuously so it rattled.

The Housekeeper needs more sleep!


  1. Then I think it's appropriate to sit on her until she does sleep!

  2. Hello! We found you at The Pouponette! Your evenings sound much like ours, rather sedate.

  3. I am SO impressed! You guys are GOOD!