Monday, 9 May 2011

Lofty Places

Jasper's been back in the loft again..... Mr Housekeeper left the ladder unattended and shortly afterwards cries of "get down", "get off the ladder", "no further" and "NO" were heard coming from the loft by The Housekeeper.

She went to help immediately.... that is immediately after she had picked the camera up, of course, as she failed to get pictures of Jasper's exploits up the loft ladder last time!!!

That tail isn't a happy cat tail at all.... is it!!!!!

It looks like his little adventure wore him out though!

Pictures taken Sunday 8th May 2011


  1. Funny how it works the same way with #1. Camera first and kitty second....

    WooHoo, Jasper! Will you teach me?

    The Beebs

  2. My goodness! Look at you with that stair! What's up there and was it fun?

  3. LOL! That is definitely the happy tail of an Aby up to no good...

    Very glad we haven't got an attic right about now...