Thursday, 26 May 2011

Toasty Toes

The weather is getting milder by the day and the days are drawing out. The only current downside is the strength of the wind at the moment and the volcanic ash cloud that is threatening to engulf the UK in its midst.

The Abyssinians are spending far less time in bed and in the radiator hammocks and are sprawling out in the conservatory on the floor and on the chairs - all that is - except Jasper. He made himself a tent on one of the chairs, where the throw has pulled the top of the back cushion down and he is now sitting behind it instead of ON it to protect the furniture.

Since The Housekeeper took these pics of Jasper, "the nest" has become The Place To Be!

The Housekeeper found Crystal in there yesterday afternoon, and this morning, It's Amber turn!