Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Visit

It's been a very exciting and special day for the Four Abyssinians and for The Housekeeper too.

#1 from The Poupounette is in England for a visit at the moment and came over to see us specially this morning.

Everyone was very, very good. Crystal kept her distance but sat "with us" and was eventually persuaded to say hello. Amber made it as far as the conservatory door to be admired and then went back to bed!

And the boys? Well they out performed each other, as usual, and gave #1 a full Jasper and Dino show!

Jasper sat at #1's feet and then climbed onto her lap for a fawn cuddle

The Four Abyssinian's have had a lovely treat bag from The Poupounette gang which they would all like to thank #1 for and send her big purry kisses. The Housekeeper says she will divvy up the contents and take pictures of the Four Abyssinians playing with the toys later on.

You can see #1's pictures of her visit to us at #1 Goes Visiting!

In The Housekeeper's own words, its a dark miserable sort of day, there's bugger all on television, the essential housework jobs have been done and its Abyssinian time!


  1. #1 here! I LOVED my visit with the four who are all even more gorgeous in the fur!!! And I came home with some yummy treats for the Chans plus lovely jam for me!

  2. How fun that you had a visit from the Poupounette's human! I can't wait to see their report when she gets back.