Monday, 21 February 2011

Lesson of the Day - Jasper

Lofty Places

CAT:  I've found another room in the house which I didn't know about. It's very exciting. It must have been here all along but it's the first time I have been able to experience the room myself, albeit only for a few seconds until Mr Housekeeper panicked and saw me in the room.

He panicked even more when he realised that he couldn't get me out of the room on his own and The Housekeeper was on the phone downstairs. He didn't want to shout either in case it frightened me and I leapt, as he was holding me tightly in his arms because he didn't want me exploring the room on my own and getting "into things I shouldn't". He didn't like the idea of me getting something called rockwool insulation on my feet either. Dunno why. It sounded cosy to me.

HUMAN:  We are NEVER, EVER going to be able to leave the loft hatch open and unattended ever again.
Jasper can climb ladders as well as clothes airers!

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  1. It is SO annoying, Jasper, how humans can simply not understand the idea of us having lots and lots and lots of fun!