Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Crystal the Shed Cat

Crystal's second favourite place in her whole wide cat world (No 1 being under the duvet, curled up in Mr Housekeeper's arms) is the workshop where The Housekeeper works.

Originally she only used to visit the workshop in the arms of Mr Housekeeper when he came home early from work. However it's now become a bit of a routine. After breakfast Crystal sits at the conservatory door and waits to be taken to work by The Housekeeper.

Of course it didn't take long before, being an Abyssinian, Crystal had made it her own space. Its her sanctuary, away from the madness of the bouncing kittens. As the days got colder last November, The Housekeeper relented and even bought her a bed, just for the workshop. It's sat on top of a pile of flat pack boxes, at window height, from which she can survey the garden, watch the birds and keep an eye on the open back gate for the delivery men and any visitors.

And YES, it really WAS that sunny yesterday morning!

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