Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Moggy Emergency Warning System

5:18am - MEWS was activated. The Housekeeper was woken by Jasper, who was sandpapering her eyelids and chin. Dino was in full running & screaming like a banshee in Tarzan cry mode. Bizarrely, when his running propelled him onto the bed at two minute intervals, he was also purring like a tractor.

Had the sky fallen in? Had someone died? Had something been broken?

5:24am - The Housekeeper decided to ensure something terrible hadn't happened. Mr Housekeeper was in the shower. Crystal was washing noisily on the landing in full guard-cat mode, waiting for Mr Housekeeper to get out of the shower. Amber was downstairs in the lounge, snoozing. Nothing was broken.

5:28am - The Housekeeper found the cause of the chaos.


5:40am - Mr Housekeeper left for work. The Housekeeper buried her head under the duvet.

5:50am - The Housekeeper was still awake

5:55am - The Housekeeper was now VERY awake

6:00am - The Housekeeper gave up, got up and made tea.

1 comment:

  1. Our system was activated at 6:00AM this morning by Tama having a major hissy fit because one of the neighbour cats had dared approach the window. Please note that we do not normally rise before 8:00AM.....