Thursday, 24 February 2011

Showing Off

A customer and her two daughter's came to the house "out of hours" yesterday to collect a costume hire from The Housekeeper and all four Abyssinian's were on top form.

The boys allowed themselves to be picked up freely, after they had fully examined the hire bags which had been put on the floor, having been hung out of cat reach all day. They stood on laps, ran round like lunatics and were generally showing off by running up the stairs in the hallway and putting their heads through the banisters.

Amber strode into the room confidently, positioned herself in full view of everyone and proceeded to give the visitors a very comprehensive demonstration of Abyssinian cat yoga positions and hygiene at the same time.

Crystal kept her distance until the very end and then allowed herself to be picked up by Mr Housekeeper, just so that she could show them that she is a one man cat and although beautiful, will not stoop to showing off for an audience.

As with many work related visitors who come to the house, rather than the workshop, conversation regarding work was brief and conversations regarding cats took over which was especially nice in this instance, as they had lost a cat fairly recently and were enjoying the attention from the Aby's, I think!

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