Saturday, 5 February 2011

Leggy Cat

Leggy Cat was one of The Housekeeper's 2008 birthday presents, bought for her to play with, with one of her other birthday presents, Crystal! Leggy's original incarnation was attached to a long length of brown elastic on the end of a wooden dowel and he was officially called a Skinny Kitty Teaser. Boring huh?!

Crystal was definitely a skinny cat and Leggy, as he rapidly became known, was always her favourite toy - and still is. When Amber arrived, the little chomp monster devoured the elastic cord, reducing it to a wet gooey mess, quicker than you can say Thuglet and Leggy was consigned to the understairs cupboard.

Leggy 2 arrived. A guilt purchase by The Housekeeper for upseting Crystal's routine by bringing Amber home. Leggy 2 was also chomped. Within a week.

Leggy 3 has been purchased, but remains hidden for a day when small Abyssinians actually play with a toy when they first see it, rather than eating it.

Sometime before Jasper and Dino arrived, The Housekeeper found Leggy 1 and Leggy 2 on a random , but forced, clearout of the understairs cupboard (the meterman came and everything in the cupboard came out so that he could read the electic and gas meters!!). After some rapid surgery to remove the remaining elastic from leggy's head, they were both given to Crystal as toys and she can regularly be found carrying them around in her mouth.

They have now become Crystal's toy of emotional blackmail. They can be abandoned on the hall floor at bedtime, but by morning, when its 8 minutes past breakfast, they are on the duvet. Cute!

There is nothing more heartstring pulling than going to the workshop at the bottom of the garden and looking up at the house whilst working, to see Crystal standing at the back door on her hind legs with leggy in her mouth, silent meows eminating and THAT look of Abyssinian abandonment.

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