Friday, 4 February 2011

The Nit Nurse

We have a nit nurse in the house. And true to form, after your head has been examined by the nit nurse, it itches. But this is no ordinary nit nurse. This is Crystal.

She only ever does it when she comes to the workshop with me to help me with the sales packing but if I am concentrating on writing and she wants my attention, she stands on her hind legs, full warm fuzzy cat belly in face (nice!) and then starts to comb through my hair with her claws.

She isn't scratching my scalp, but she is definitely using her claws and "raking" through my hair.

Its a good job no one can see into the workshop as I ended up with a nice hair boggle on the back of my head today after a good 2-3 minutes of nit inspection!

Weird Girl!

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