Sunday, 6 May 2012

It's Just SO Not Fair!

This morning, in bed,  I was cuddled and told that I was a gorgeous, affectionate, cuddly Abyssinian.

Since 10am I have been told to ......

Get off the kitchen work surface (several times TH)
Get off the draining board
Stop chasing Crystal
Stop eating the girl's food
Stop asking for more crunchies as I cannot possibly be hungry
Get off the kitchen work surface AGAIN
Stop shouting at the wall on the landing "because there's nothing there"
Stop chasing Jasper
Stop chewing the spines of paperback books on the landing bookshelf

Apparently my name has been said too many times today and that isn't good.
I've even had the cat-gut factory threat....

Things must be bad

I'm off to the conservatory to tell the pidgeons outside just how unfair life is. Maybe they will listen to my wailing


  1. I have listened and it is HORRIBLE--just HORRIBLE what has happened to you.

  2. Dino, why is your human so inconsistent about what she tells you? You are just keeping yourself busy!