Thursday, 9 August 2012


You'd think by the wails and sullen faces that something awful had happened. The Four are all contained within the dining room and conservatory during the day at the moment as the hall, landing and stairs are currently being decorated.

Jasper spent Tuesday "helping" Jack the painter run down and wash down the paintwork, and everyone else took turns supervising the work in progress. For once, NONE had a catnap during the day and by 5pm when Jack left, everyone was absolutely exhausted. So much so that by 6pm, when it was time for tea, no one wanted dinner! Unheard of!

At the point that the undercoating began, the four were herded into the conservatory, with the nice cool dark dining room to protect them from the heat of the day.

Desperate to be let out as soon as the paint was dry and no Abyssinian fur could stick to anything white, they were let out of their confines...... only for them all to decide that it was a) cooler and b) less smelly in the conservatory and that's where they willingly spent the evening!

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  1. Hm. I actually think cat fur would be an asset to walls - very decorative and it doesn't peel like wallpaper would.