Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sorrel Saturday AND Sunday

Amber is feeling a bit left out in the posting stakes this week so we have decided to have an all  Sorrel weekend to address the balance!

As many of you reading this will know, Amber has an undiagnosed skin complaint which flares up regularly and this usually requires a trip to the vets every six weeks for a steroid injection because she gets very red and sore and pulls her fur out. We've tried skin scrapes, antibiotics, changes of diet, allergy testing and had no firm conclusions. We also wondered if it was stress induced (and you can see why living with Jasper and Dino in the house) however the decorators have been in for the last week painting the hall, landing and stairs and so far, no flare up ..... BUT ...

Today is 8 weeks and 4 days since the last injection and whilst we don't wish to blog about this too soon, or get too excited, we silently have every single paw crossed that MAYBE we MIGHT have found out what the culprit is. Whilst she still has very little fur on her tummy, it's better than it was and showing signs of regrowth.

We are wondering if it MIGHT be the meat sachets in the food she has been eating (but definitely hasn't had within the last 8 weeks). We were alternating the fish and meat sachets weekly and assumed it was the fish to blame as all the cats were already on the poultry selection, and had been for some time when we introduced the fish ones - but maybe not!

We will keep you updated but for now every human finger and Abyssinian paw is crossed for a positive outcome.

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  1. Paws definitely crossed that you have this mystery skin problem of Amber's solved!