Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Birthday Toys

The Housekeeper has been slacking. The Four Abyssinians have just reminded her that the pictures of their birthday presents are still on the camera and not on the blog. You'd think with all the time she has taken off recently whilst the business is quiet that she would have found more time to write on here and not less. Apparently she is out of routine. Its a good job she isn't out of routine when it comes to our food, that's for sure.

So, FINALLY, here are our birthday presents... The Housekeeper decided that we should have "doing" toys and the idea is that the boys should learn to be less snatchy when accepting treats, as well as having to work for them to find them!

 Dino inspects the box

 Everyone gets interested and joins in

 Crystal supervises which the boys get busy

 Crystal decides that the boys are having too much fun and joins in before the treats all go

 Amber claims the box and packaging as hers!

 Jasper and Dino tackle the second toy. Jasper is currently the only one of the four who has worked out how to flip the tubes and get the treats out.

Hello! Fancy seeing you here!


  1. WOW. That is an awesome looking food toy! I've been trying to get things like that to keep our four busy during the day, especially Tessie, who tend to camp out by the dry food bowl and eat when she's bored. This looks amazing! I hope it isn't a UK-only thing...

  2. OMC! I don't think any of us could be bothered with trying to figure out those contraptions!

  3. WHERE did your Housekeeper purchase such an EVIL contraption? Our Mommy wants to know...this will not end well we fear.

  4. Our activity toys came from ZooPlus who are UK based but they are manufactured by a company called Trixie. Hope this helps.