Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Emergency Room

There's been a cat-astrophe of the highest Abyssinian cat order. The dried food has RUN OUT.

Allegedly, The Housekeeper thought that there was another bag in the food crate under the wet food pouch crate, and there wasn't.

So The Four, poor, starving, unloved Abyssinians had to make do with a wet food pouch for supper and the same for breakfast this morning with no crunchies on the side. I mean, what is a cat to do.

To make matters 10 times worse, The Housekeeper isn't going out as soon as the shop opens to buy us a bag, because - wait for it - she is waiting on a delivery to the house of HUMAN food. I ask you ........

The four have resorted to sitting at strategic positions on the desk and staring......

How can four cats possibly stare so loudly .......


  1. This is just so WRONG on so many levels!!

  2. It is clear that she is both irresponsible and heartless. You shall have to plot a very special revenge...

    The Chans