Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Seeing Red

On Friday afternoon, The Housekeeper noticed a patch again on Amber's tummy, about the size of a 5p piece. The dreaded red blotch that means another trip to the vets is imminent. The Housekeeper rang up on Monday morning and get an appointment for today, but of course by then, the small red blotch was an explosion of redness which has been duly licked. Gone is all the nice new downy fur which had been coming through nicely over the last month.

So it's square 1. AGAIN. The Housekeeper feels so sorry for the poor little scrap, more so because she hates the collar so much and hates tressing amber out over catching her to get tablets down her but it has to be done.

Another week of Antirobe antibiotics to wade our way through and another steroid injection to come, this time next week.

Dino is currently chirping so there is obviously a great deal of cat conversation to be had this morning.

It's also been suggested that we get some cotton sheeting and cover the settee which is a man made fabric and get rid of the fleece throws off the chairs to see if this makes may difference to her at all.