Sunday, 22 July 2012

Putting my foot in it

The day started peacefully enough with a cup of tea for The Housekeeper in bed whilst reading on the iPad and deciding on a plan of action for the day.

Meanwhile Dino and Jasper's Sunday morning started with a brotherly brawl and a bout of tearing round the house at break neck speed.

The Housekeeper's plan of action did NOT involve clearing up .....after the inevitable happened.

Dino chased Jasper off the bedroom window sill onto the bedside chest of drawers that The Housekeeper's mug of tea was sat on, two thirds drunk. Dino's front paw went straight in the lukewarm tea and the remainder went all over The Housekeeper, chest of drawers, carpet, and teddy bear on foot stall at side of bed.

End of lie in!