Friday, 19 November 2010


Before we get invaded tomorrow, I thought that I should introduce you to everyone. All of the following pictures were taken by the Abyssinian's breeders at approx. 13 weeks old, before they left to come to their new home.

In order of appearance .....

Koppercat Crystal Couture (Known as Princess Crystal or "Riz")
Crystal is a Female Fawn Abyssinian

Merrydancer Fern (Known as Amber, Ams or more commonly "Thuglet")
Amber is a Female Sorrel Abyssinian

Merrydancer Nice Touch (Known as Jasper)
Jasper is a Male Fawn Abyssinian

Merrydancer Nice Job (Known as Dino)
Dino is a Male Sorrel Abyssinian

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