Friday, 3 February 2012

Lesson of the Day - Jasper

Lessons, but NO Carols

The Housekeeper hasn't been too busy with work this week, so took time out today to spend some time in the kitchen, in particular to try her hand at making a Christmas Pudding. Its always been a family tradition that The Housekeeper's Mother makes two puddings and The Housekeeper makes two cakes and they do a swap, however with only one dog-eared (am I allowed to use that term on here?!) copy of a 54 year old recipe book and an 81 year old Mother, The Housekeeper took matters into her own hands over New Year and eventually came across a back up copy of the said recipe book on EBay. Hen and teeth spring to mind.

Lesson 1. The Housekeeper
Someone who's been making a recipe, blindfolded for over 50 years smugly telling you what you've done wrong, and laughing, when they are 80 miles away and can't be thumped with the lid of a steamer  - Is just a tad annoying, even if she is your Mother.

Lesson 2. The Housekeeper
Leaving the kitchen window open JUST 4 inches to get rid of excessive steam from the kitchen may seem like a good idea, but not when there are Abyssinian's in the house.

Lesson 3. Jasper
Climbing out through a 4 inch gap in a window might seem like a good idea, but not when there's a 7 foot drop on the other side of it, into a very cold, dark conservatory where nobody then knows where you are.

Lesson 4. Jasper
It is harder for an Abyssinian to get 7 foot up in the air and get back through a 4 inch gap in an open window than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

Lesson 5. Jasper
If in doubt, wail like a banshee. Someone will hear you. Follow this wailing with an impersonation of an Abyssinian bouncing on a trampoline and appearing in the window, briefly, so they can SEE you!

Lesson 6. The Housekeeper
Do not leave a sink full of washing up water when you have finished washing up, especially when it is underneath a window which is not usually open and therefore subject to curiosity. It is possible that the next object you could be washing, unintentionally, could be a cat, trying to get through a small gap in a window.

Lesson 7. Jasper
Water is WET !