Thursday, 2 February 2012

Come Undone

Amber has had her stitches out. She is SO much happier now they are gone and the collar is off.

She is also being very, very cheeky, sauntering up to The Housekeeper, running her face around a chair leg or human leg and then running away before she can be caught - because she can! The sheer cat ecstasy look of being able to rub her head around anything at all seems to be a great novelty.

We had a good laugh with the vet, who kept The Housekeeper waiting for several minutes for their appointment whilst he searched on the computer for the test results on Amber's lump. It was only when The Housekeeper looked at him in surprise and asked if he had changed his mind as he wasn't going to send it away that he looked sheepish and said "oh dear". Not his day. He had already sent a pot of cotton buds flying and had to clear them up.

To save further unnecessary trip, Amber also had her boosters done at the same time. However tomorrow, morning, Crystal is the lucky cat in the house ass she gets a trip to the vets to get her boosters done.

The Housekeeper would like to put in a request for no further trips to the vets until the next set of boosters are due ...... Somehow I doubt that very much .....


  1. It sounds like your human hates going to the vet almost as much as kitties do! But I imagine it's for different reasons.